Pickie Fun Park

Planning a day full of family fun? Looking for things to do in Bangor? Look no further than Pickie Fun Park down at the marina in Bangor, County Down Northern Ireland.

The Pickie Cafe and attractions (weather depending) are open every day 9am-6pm and on particularly busy day these hours can often be extended. Our play park and ice cream kiosk are open 7 days a week from 9am until 9pm.

Pickie has a small indoor play corner located in the cafe complete with an activity table, blackboard, play kitchen and a selection of toys and colouring sheets. Sit back with a cuppa while the kids amuse themselves.

We have something for everyone whether it be taking a paddle with the swans in our lagoon, mini golf, water zorbing, a race around our track in the electric carts, all aboard the Pickie Puffer, or enjoy a scrumptious meal in our very own Pickie Café.

The list doesn’t stop there, we boast over 10 attractions at our park, if it’s hot cool down in our splash pads or pick up an ice cream at our kiosk.

The fun park is at the gateway to the Marine Gardens, a delightful stretch of coast for a leisurely walk. There are panoramic views of Bangor Bay and the hills of Antrim beyond. Just take a seat, relax and marvel at the wonders all around, or make your way round to Wilson’s Point

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