Pickie Funpark Customer Service Charter


Customer Service Charter Pickie Funpark is a service provided by Crumlin Road Gaol Limited for Ards and North Down Borough Council.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the best possible, customer focussed and accessible, Tourist Attraction while striving to generate economic and social benefits for the local community.​

As a Service, We Will

  1. Put you at the heart of everything we do.
  2. Be friendly, approachable and professional.
  3. Respond quickly and efficiently to requests for service and enquiries.
  4. Provide straightforward information about our services.
  5. Correct things promptly if they go wrong, and learn from complaints.
  6. Promote equality and fair treatment.
  7. Strive to offer value for money.
  8. Aim to continuously improve our services through customer consultation.

Our Standards

Pickie Funpark is committed to dealing with our customers in a professional and timely way. You should expect the following standards from us:


  1. Staff will be courteous, respect confidentiality and listen carefully to all customers.
  2. We will work with our sub contractors to ensure that they commit to our standards so that every customer receives the best possible service.

Services For All

We aim to provide services that are open to everyone and continue to work towards making our premises accessible to every customer. We will ensure that privacy, dignity and religious and cultural beliefs are fully respected in accordance with Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

We will promote equality of opportunity:

  1. Between persons of different religious belief, political opinion, racial group, age, marital status or sexual orientation.
  2. Between men and women generally.
  3. Between persons with a disability and persons without.
  4. Between persons with dependents and persons without.
  5. In addition, without prejudice to this obligation, we will promote good relations between persons of different religious belief, political opinion, and racial groups.

Clear & Concise Information

We will promote equality of opportunity:

  1. We will inform you about our services and how to use them effectively.
  2. We will ensure that the information is easy to read and informative.
  3. Information about services will be made available on request in the customers first or preferred language or in different formats.

Telephone Standards

  1. We will aim to answer all telephone calls within 20 seconds of the first ring.
  2. We will try to make sure that your call is answered. If this is not possible, you will be able to leave a message and someone will call you back.
  3. We will aim to answer your enquiry there and then. When this is not possible, we will tell you when you will receive a response.
  4. We will only transfer your calls once.
  5. If we cannot transfer you to the right person straight away, we will take your details and make sure your enquiry is answered.
  6. When answering the telephone, staff will clearly state their name.
  7. When returning your calls, staff will clearly state their name and their reason for calling.

Letters & Faxes

  1. We will respond to all letters and faxes within 5 working days.
  2. If we cannot meet this target then we will let you know about the progress of your enquiry.


  1. We will respond to all email enquiries within 5 working days.
  2. If we cannot meet this target then we will let you know about the progress of your enquiry.


  1. Pre booked Guided Tours will depart within 10 minutes of the allocated time.
  2. Waiting areas will be comfortable and tidy.
  3. Opening hours will be clearly displayed.
  4. Information will be kept up to date and will be well presented.
  5. Facilities for people with a disability will be provided.
  6. Customer comment cards will be available for you to let us know what you thought of your experience. This will help us to improve our services.

Listening To Our Customers

We will aim to continuously improve our services through customer consultation. To ensure that our standards meet your requirements, we will involve you and take your views and suggestions into account.

We Will Do This By...

  1. Working with Customer Focus Groups, to review our standards and provide feedback.
  2. Encouraging customers to comment our services via the internet, comment cards, by telephone and via any member of staff.
  3. We will monitor customer complaints and comments and learn from them.

Keeping You Informed

We will aim to provide you with up to date information in the following ways:

  1. Our Website –
  2. Information on display in the premises.
  3. Through local newspapers.

You can Help us By....

  1. Respecting staff and other customers.
  2. Giving us all the information we need to help you.
  3. Letting us know if you have any specific needs.
  4. Telling us how we can improve our services.
  5. Asking us to explain anything you are not sure of.

Complaints Procedure

We hope you do not have cause to complain about our standards of service; however we know that there will be occasions when things go wrong. If you do wish to make a complaint please, follow our complaints procedure which is available to download online or upon request at reception.


To work in partnership with you, our customer, to deliver quality services.


We are committed to providing a high quality service to all customers.


We are committed to dealing with our customers in a professional manner.

Continually Improving

Pickie Funpark is a facility for you and the Customer Service Charter will evolve in consultation with customers to benefit customers.

We want to hear your views on the charter and intend it to be a working document that can transform to suit your changing needs. If you have any comments or ideas you would like to share with us, please contact us:

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